Who is KDG?

Let me introduce myself. I am Katharine Delo Gregg and I love fashion. I love clothes. I adore jewelry and shoes. However, what I love more than anything is working with other women and men to make them feel amazing in their clothes. Whether you are a lobbyist with a fast-paced day-to-night agenda or a working mom who wants a balanced professional/chic wardrobe or a Hill staffer with an efficient budget – I hope to be the one that helps you find the best style for you.

I am a  30-something mom who could be defined professionally as a policy wonk. Behind my government employee exterior I am a writer, lover of the ocean, world traveller with a law degree.

I hope this blog gives you some food for thought, inspiration or perhaps some light lunchtime entertainment. I invite you to write comments on the different posts to let me know what you think. If there are particular fashion dilemmas, clothing searches or styling etiquette questions you may have, please feel free to share! I love feedback of any kind!!

Please review the styling services I provide – including stylist services, personal shopping, closet organizing, and wardrobe analysis to learn more about how I can help you polish your style.

One comment

  1. Eliza Lauritzen

    Hello, KDG. Do you have a mother and if you do how does she dress? Do you ever have to (ahem) speak to her about her clothes? And why?
    What are the ages you enjoy helping with your service? Where do they begin and at what age do they taper off?

    Thanks, Concerned Mom

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