It’s a Snap

As I have mentioned, I love blouses.

Wear a blouse with a pair of dark bootcut jeans and high heel boots and lunch with your family on a Saturday could involve some paparazzi! Nestled under a suit, a satin blouse adds an element of sophistication to your outfit.

Beautiful, yes. Ease of wear, not so much.

The fabric of blouses tend to work their way up and are rather incompatible with my early morning in the gym, to a frantic change, bus to work, up and down desk to meeting to desk to meeting, pick up pre-schooler (literally if toddler is refusing to be ambulatory!!), grocery store, home to make dinner — you get the idea.

The likelihood that a blouse is staying tucked in is zero to none in my world.

Enter one of the best inventions since the malted milkshake. The bodysuit blouse from Victoria’s Secret.

This polyester version of a satin blouse comes in an extremely versatile cream color.

Button-front Bodysuit – Victoria’s Secret $49.50

This poplin style has the crispness of the classic buttondown and comes in a wide variety of colors.

Essential Poplin Bodysuit – Victoria’s Secret $39.50


  1. Molly

    LOVE it! Will get a few when I’m back in real clothes. Thanks for the reminder about Vicki’s real clothes. I haven’t willingly opened one of their catalogs in years, but it looks like I should…


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