Top Three Tuesday

I try not to say “never”.

I really do.

Because life has a way of making you take back your words sometimes.  Plus, I like to keep my options open.

However, today I was reminded that no matter how tempting, how great the challenge, there are indeed a few things I will “never”.

For instance –

The following are my Top Three items of clothing I will never endorse or advocate wearing.

The collar scarf. Is it really that difficult to wrap a scarf? I say, wear at your own risk…someone might come along and snap a leash on you and haul you off to the local ASPCA.  

Ribbed Collar Scarf – Zara $29.90

The midriff top. I believe Olivia Newton-John rocked this item right into the history books where it should stay. Forever. And anyone over the age of five who contemplates wearing this style with anything should really evaluate their sense of style.

Arched Pleats Pullover – Anthropologie $68

I believe the kids call these “shooties”. Every time I see a pair I am certain some poor giraffe is wandering around looking for its hooves. The seasonally schizophrenic footwear do not make anyone’s feet attractive…except perhaps the giraffe.

Via Spiga 'Ivie' Peep Toe Ankle Boot - Nordstrom $250


  1. Ditto, only at Home 🙂
    Love the leash link, better yet, someone might plop a puppy or something in the neck and run!!
    All are on the never list to be sure.
    Poor giraffe. ( not touching the sweater thingy)


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