Halloween is fast approaching. I’ll admit I am not a fan of all hallow’s eve. However, I am married to someone who thinks it is one of the premier holidays so I have come to understand that there are a good amount of you out there who take the costume thing quite seriously.

I do not.

One notable Halloween in college I was Peter Pan’s shadow — I wore black pants, a black turtleneck and cut two rather cock-eyed holes in construction paper for a mask. This was not some academic posturing on existentialism, it was apathy plain and simple.

In my twenties I graced a friend’s Halloween party as a flasher in a trench coat.  Again, not to be witty and provocative but because it required almost negative forethought.

So it is that I have taken great joy in finding fun costume ideas for OTHERS. These will look great on Y’ALL. I will be the woman at the Halloween party with the dirty paper towel safety pinned to my shirt. Just call me “debris”.

Okay, how fun is this peacock skirt?! This, my friends, is an original costume!

Large Elegant Peacock Tail Skirt – Etsy $85

Is it wrong that I love this cape for the fantastic shade of green?? Jolly Green Druid, anyone?

Cloak Cape Halloween Costume Green Fleece Hooded – Etsy $59

Even I have to admit that this mask is pretty darn awesome.

Wolfman Werewolf Lycan Mask – Etsy $48

And the finale for those of you who want the full costumed experience…just remember, what you wear on all hallow’s eve, may come back to haunt you!

Rustic Pirate Lady Costume – Chasing Fireflies $118

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