The Price Is Right

My momma taught me that there are three things you do not discuss in polite company – politics, religion and money.

My apologies to decorum.

When I develop each blog post I am keenly aware of finding the right price point. I find things at which I gulp – a knit blazer for $398. I just don’t know. It is a sweater after all. Even if it is a very good sweater.

For me, the right price point depends on how much I want something coupled with how long I can keep it in rotation. But I am also a quantity girl!

So what is your price point? The point at which you say too rich for my blood!

For instance – this wool sheath is a classic. It’s Armani. Well made and perfectly tailored. But for $975?

Armani Collezioni Wool Crepe Sheath Dress – Nordstrom $975


  1. Katie

    I do have to admit, however, that I paid a fortune for an Armani blazer last year. So, I guess it depends on how bad I want it and how much I adore it. 😉


  2. Leah

    My mother always said that it was worth spending money on high-quality basics, like black lined wool trousers that will last for many years and weather different styles and trends. The Armani sheath is gorgeous, but $975 seems really high for even a high-quality basic that other good brands make for less.


  3. Now, the key phrase is “wool crepe”. this is hard to find fabric first of all and then with Armani you have the wool. 🙂 Most of his fine wool is a first cut, virgin wool, and processed gently. And the drape, just seems that says it all. Price, yes a wee bit high but it will last a least a decade so for $8.00/month you’ll have a timeless piece that goes fabulous with the scarf season previously discussed.


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