Sweater Weather

As I commence my semi-annual closet switchover in preparation for fall, I have become aware that I am a hoarder. I hoard sweaters. Primarily cardigans. I confess I have twenty cardigans. And I want more.

As I grow a little older and wiser I look for clothes that meet my needs in addition to being stylish. Having slogged through nine months of pregnancy in 3 to 3 1/2 inch heels, I am not afraid to push myself for the sake of fashion. However, reality can be a valuable style master when navigating your life at warp speed.

Enter my new favorite sweater – the drapey, free flowing cardigan. Think of it as the hippie child cousin to the classic cardigan. This cardigan is cool (as in nifty), jazzes up the jeans and tee weekend uniform, and keeps your more challenged body parts on a need to know basis with the general public.

Three rules to follow when purchasing and wearing this item:

1. The knit should be a fine gauge blend – think silk and rayon. A heavy or thick gauge knit will make you look like you threw on a blanket and are about to demonstrate Smokey the Bear’s “Stop, Drop and Roll” fire extinguishing technique.

2. The best length for this style is for the hem to hit mid-thigh. Back away from any “cropped” styles lest you be mistaken for a wayward angel whose wings are soggy. Woe to the poor soul who goes long for this style and is mistaken for a heavyweight boxer in their pre-fight robe.

3. This is a casual sweater. Wear it with jeans or cords. Wear it out for a Saturday trip to the pumpkin patch, the farmers’ market, lunch with your buds or your hubby. However, the office is only for the classic cardigan, pearls optional.

Victoria's Secret The Flirty Cardigan - Jacquard

ASOS Blanket Wrap Cardigan in Fairisle

Victoria's Secret The Flirty Cardigan - Striped

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