What I Wore – The Annie Oakley Edition

This may just be the most fun WIW post I have or will ever draft. Sure, I can show you what I wore for Saturday errands, date night, work etc. But how often can I show you what I wore whilst shooting off a few rounds of a 9mm pistol?

Oh you are in for a treat!

Mid-October the Love of My Life (LOML), La C and I headed out to Alberta, Canada to visit the inlaws. Two planes and a three hour car ride later we settled in Vermillion for a long weekend to celebrate the life of LOML’s beloved late grandfather. It was only fitting that on the day of his memorial, we had the first snow of the season.

I have to tell you that I truly hit gold in the inlaw department. One example is that this wonderful weekend of remembrance and familly included multiple games of poker and a glorious afternoon of shooting.

First, let me explain a few things. #1 – I was not expecting snow. #2 – I was not expecting to go shooting. Outside. With the winds howling across the plain. #3 – I am aware that big, fuzzy knit mittens are not appropriate for shooting accuracy. They were borrowed. I did not have gloves with me (see #s 1 & 2).

All that aside I had a hell of a great time and for the record…shooting a Colt45 is pretty much the most awesome feeling and I see a 9mm in my future gun safe!

Hat: University Club of Washington, DC; Scarf: Nordstrom; Fleece Vest:Takshanuk Mountain Trail ATV Tours; Sweater #1: Zara; Sweater #2: Zara Turtleneck (old); Pants: Gap; Boots: Target (old). *Please contact me at styledbykdg@gmail.com if you want to know where to find similar items.*

Shooting the Colt45.

Whoo hoo!!

A little help steadying my shivering from the cold!!

And my favorite — the 9mm!!

It was a family affair – – –

Kudos to my MIL who had a ball shooting every gun in the arsenal and nailed the targets pretty much every time!


And of course my Brother-in-law showing us how it is done!!

Please note that I do not take shooting lightly. It is imperative that anyone picking up a rifle or hand gun understand what they are doing. I have had basic gun training and shooting experience. Our hosts were also well trained with decades of experience and all hand guns and rifles were registered.  

**Photos courtesy of Rahsaan Gregg**

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