Shake, Rattle & Roll

I love Elvis. My go to karaoke song is “Heartbreak Hotel”.

So. Now you know that.

If you are reading this post then you have noticed things look a little different on the blog. I have been tinkering – for better or worse. I am not finished so things might continue to evolve or get chucked altogether.

I wanted to shake things up a bit – highlight the fashions a little more. Take up more space on the screen. Invite you a little more in to my world.

This is kind of mirroring some aspects of my non-social media life. I am opening myself up a little more to alternative music and art. Taking a “yes, I said that out loud” stance on current events. Letting world’s collide.

For example I have recently discovered Fun. and The Lumineers. I reallly like their music – every. single. song. – which is highly unusual for me.

I love both groups.  Alot. I may be a wee  bit obsessed with them.

I admit I have, as a good friend recently described as a “sweet tooth” taste in music.  As a pre-teen, I was more than certain that Donnie Wahlberg was my soulmate.  

But let us not forget that my first concert was Poison. And I wore my own leather motorcycle jacket.

The point is, none of us have one dimensional personalities or one dimensional style. 

So today Styled by KDG is embracing the ability to be who we are, stylishly.


Rachel Antonoff Gray Sweatshirt – R29 Shops $50


What is The Ally Coalition?

The band Fun. and designer Rachel Antonoff have joined forces to create The Ally Coalition (TAC) with the purpose of inspiring people, in particular their peers in the music, fashion and entertainment industry, to take action for LGBTQ equality. TAC believes that it is the responsibility of allies to support LGBTQ causes and fight against discrimination through education, awareness and advocacy.

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