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Links 9.3.14

What is inspiring me and influencing Styled by KDG this week.

I think I like this skirt. Then again I’m not sure. But then again…

Volcanoes fascinate me. From my liberal arts perspective, I feel like it is the earth’s way of saying it needs a massage. Check out these exquisite photos of the volcano Bárðarbunga in Iceland.

I’ll admit I have felt that the previous Target x designer collaboratives were pandering – a sort of feeling that since this is couture for the masses so why bother maintaining the spark that makes a designer look. I realize that given the collaboration was with a store that has dollar bins*, I understand the need for appropriate modification. However, the forthcoming Target collaboration with Altuzarra brings it. No compromise here. I could buy every. single. piece. The collection is due in stores and online September 14, 2014, check out the look book. *For the record, you can usually find me nose deep rummaging through the dollar bins!

While I have a law degree and my husband is a practicing lawyer, I am a firm believer that teachers should be paid way, way, WAY more than lawyers. How do you think lawyers grew up to be lawyers? Who are the single constant influences in every kids’ life other than their family? Teachers. The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession by Dana Goldstein is a fascinating study in the evolution of how we perceive educators. I’ll be reading this and report back. In the meantime, check out the NPR interview with the author.

I love when the fashion world demonstrates how little they comprehend that the real world may not be able or willing to go along to get along with their ideas. Because as much as I loved 1980’s Madonna, the bustier, over anything other than your breasts is just not for your average woman. Enjoy this.

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