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Lately many offices have been having step challenges. No, not the inability to actually walk toward their desks…but rather to try to beat each other in hitting their 10,000 steps a day in as many consecutive days as possible. My Big Sis’s office even has teams. I think this is a great idea. I ponder it as I sit glued to my desk all day fearful of missing the email or call that will domino effect my projects. But clearly, according to this article in The Atlantic, I am a few steps behind the eight ball on this one.

Like birds learning to fly, we all have left the nest a little too early in mastering our personal style. This photo slideshow is a nice reminder that even the peacocks (read: people who work in the fashion world) floundered as well!

I am really loving some of the chic silhouettes I am seeing for the “bass not treble” figures (read: plus-sized but god bless you Meghan Traynor and my new anthem!). This could easily be mistaken as a T by Tahari dress! And the stripes, yes stripes!, matched with perfectly placed shirring on this dress is fantastic!

I nearly spit out my coffee the day I read about the female friendly STK opening in my hometown, Washington, DC and it’s entire PR campaign was “This is not your daddy’s steakhouse”. A moment while I try not to throw up a little in my mouth. As a long time Morton’s devotee – hell, it’s my Big Sis and my location for our monthly sister bonding night – my reaction to the female friendly steak house is this: Ladies, get over it. Walk in to any steak house. Ask for the table you want in the voice that says I will have the table I want. Decide if you want three olives or two in your martini. Pick as big a piece of meat as you want. And cleanse your palate with the cigar that frankly is the whole reason for being there. So, there is that. But now, I have just read a review that I honestly thought was a piece from the Onion. There is a new steak house in DC that is…just beyond the absurd…I can’t find the words…well, you read the review. You’ll see what I mean.

Guess what I’ll be buying for my comfy fall Sundays?! Coziness!

Today two countries – Scotland and Great Britain – decide whether they will go their separate ways. Great Britain has been in this situation before with us – granted it was a lot messier. Here is an interesting article to peruse on the wider effects of the vote while we wait for the final vote. Independence via a check mark in a “yes” or “no” box.



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