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Fall fashion is front and center on social media and I found this 1970’s retrospective on high school fashion from Buzzfeed to be quite inspirational. And apparently all I need to do is turn to Michael Kors fall collection to achieve my inspiration – I want every piece!

If I could have lunch with any three women alive or deceased they would be Hillary Clinton,  Joan of Arc, and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. So imagine how excited I was to find an insightful discussion with Justice Ginsburg in my October copy of Elle. Okay so not quite dinner, but this may be the closest I get to delving in to these topics with her!

Thanks to a newsy tweet from DC Celine I may need to up-end my entire weekend plans and head to NYC to see this photographic journey of Blondie on this, the 40th, year since they formed. When I was studying in Florence in college, I played the Best of Blondie album on repeat. And “Maria” is my go-to anthem while getting ready for a night on the town.

As  a blogger, a mom, a Facebook, Twitter and Instagram user I have conflicting views on internet privacy. I operate under the “Do as I say not as I do!” rule with my daughter. Her online presence as she gets older will be minimal if I can help it! This video chat on the meaning of privacy with the founder of Foursquare is interesting.

This squash casserole recipe is not fancy but it tastes like my childhood autumn. Yum!


Image courtesy of Pinterest.

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