Welcome 2015!

Well, 2014 is over.

Here at Styled by KDG we laughed, we cried, we celebrated, we mourned, we lost our way, we found new directions, we grew, we were imperfect, we hoped, we wished, we loved and were loved.

We lived.

Which is precisely what I was doing in December.

That “imperfect” I wrote of earlier? That is me and by extension this blog. I’m not a full time blogger. I’m not tied to sponsor commitments. So it is easy sometimes for the blog to slip in to secondary priority in my life.

It does not mean that you my readers are secondary. Actually, when the muse is MIA, I’m not doing you any favors dialing it in. Sometimes I need to step away and refresh to bring the best of me to the blog.

As my 6 year old daughter is fond of giggling – “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!”

So here’s a snapshot of what I have been up to in December. A little peak behind the scenes of my photoshoot called life.

I’ll spare you photos of the mounds of kleenex and empty Mucinex and Theraflu packets that reigned over all of my December. I missed most of the holiday parties and my voice. Fun times.

But I still got in some glitz and glamour, inspiration and a whole lot of mama daughter time.


Let the holiday decorating begin! This little reindeer is the light of my life.


This handsome devil is the love of my life! What fun to dance the night away with him!


These two.

When your very first babysitter at age 1 is still a big part of your life at age 6, even when she lives across the country, you are one lucky little girl. Buddies for life.


These ladies have been with me for two decades of keeping my style in sartorial check!

catsCats, quilts and the Big Bang Theory – how I cope when I am sick. 


Making fresh cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.



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