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You would think for someone who loves fashion as much as I do, I would be in hog heaven during the film and television award show season. But no. It is boring. So, I love this little piece E! Online did about Amal Clooney at her first awards show. Love. It.

Forget millenials. The true generation to watch and learn from – the octogenarians! Oh, and Carmen Herrera? My new role model. Done.

I did not watch the Golden Globes – see above – but I heard about this. Six paragraphs that are more thought provoking than many articles I’ve read on the myriad of thought provoking issues in the media lately.

Did you know that Lilly Pulitzer opened a juice stand just off Worth Avenue in Palm Beach? And the reason she designed her first dress was because while working at the juice stand, she found that squeezing juice made a mess of her clothes. In order to hide the juice stains, she designed a sleeveless shift dress made of bright, colorful printed cotton. She found that customers loved her dress, so she produced more in order to sell them at her juice stand. (Wikipedia) And now Lilly Pulitzer will be sold at Target. Which I personally think is fine but apparently sorority girls across the country are not fine with it. The irony that sorority girls consider Lilly their uniform when Lilly Pulitzer left college after one semester to help the community and work as a midwife assistant in West Virginia and as a volunteer at the Veterans Hospital in The Bronx just sends me in to fits of hysterical laughter. I may have even snorted.

Sometimes I order eggs benedict just for the Hollandaise Sauce. Even when I know there is 50-50 chance that my poached eggs will be over-cooked. Which I despise. But I love Hollandaise sauce more. Way more. Now I have found Avocado Hollandaise Sauce. Who needs the eggs!

Buy this. Or this. Or this.

In my ever lasting hunt for the best workout video, I forget how effective our own bodies doing the basic exercises can be. This collection of moves relies on nothing more than your body. Basic. Effective. Doable.

It has been rather cold lately. Pretty much every elevator conversation includes someone asking “Can it BE any colder?!” Why yes. Yes it can.

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