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In the wake of the Super Bowl competition – I posit that mayonnaise may be one of the most polarizing food stuffs out there. You are either a die hard mayo person or a die hard mustard person. You are either a lifetime Hellman’s user or a lifetime Miracle Whip user. But it doesn’t end there. Oh no, it isn’t just taste preferences that rear up around this innocuos enough condiment – mayo brings out your worst Judgy McJudgerson. Mustard people think mayo people are unhealthy. Hellman’s people feel socially and culturally superior to their Miracle Whip brethren. I come from a proud Hellmann’s Mayonnaise family and continue to share the joy with La C. But is there something rotten in the state of Hellman’s? (Shakespeare riff, nothing actually icky in the mayo!)

I am all about the zodiac and horoscopes. I am literally the walking embodiment of the Aquarius characteristics. Read: nuttier than a fruitcake but very loveable. Big Sis also keeps me covered in the Chinese zodiac – I’m an Ox. It’s too accurate for words. Sigh. Anyhoo, as you can see, I am pretty open to anything zodiac related. But I may raise an eyebrow at Fresh’s new zodiac body soap product line. I’ll let you know after I try it!

I could not explain it in a few lines but Paris in cold weather is a favorite of mine. So this slow cooker French Onion Soup recipe is going to help me through my Parisian outdoor cafe under the heat lamps, people watching withdrawal.

I am petrified of dying. Not the how part but the actuality of it. I am an Episcopalian so technically, I know the drill. But I am obsessed with thoughts of all the things I won’t get to do or see anymore. Apparently, I am not alone. I have also worked in and wholly support and advocate for end-of-life care and hospice. This book is a much needed discussion for many of us.

Zoe Karssen had me at “Creme de la Creme”. And now she has swim suits that make sticking to my exercise regimen more enticing. This one is my fave!

Because I cannot unsee this – I am sharing with you. Warning – extreme tattoos and piercings. It is not my thing at all. At. all. Nuh uh. Nope. But, it is art and self expression and just as much a right to do whatever to one’s body as any other right to one’s body. And so I support it.

And on the waaaaayyyyy other end of the spectrum – spring is coming and you can even wear it because Punxsutawney Phil is cute and fluffy and has absolutely no freaking clue how many more weeks there are of winter and finds it highly amusing that an entire country of somewhat intelligent beings continue to rely on his wisdom so he f*cks around with us just for kicks. And that is the story and I am sticking to it!

Who What Wear has an interesting snapshot of Amal Clooney’s style pre and post wedding.Yes, you can see her sleekification post-wedding. But the woman had style chops pre-wedding too. Seriously, if I had access to money, personal assistants, private transportation, and personal shoppers around the clock, I’d look like me but a whole lot more put together than I did before too!

I may be nuts. I may be having delusions of being hipper than I am. I may even be reacting to my impending 20 year college reunion. But I am getting this and this to wear to my Barre3 classes.

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