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LSL 3.26.15

My corn beef sandwich – from the Carnegie Deli natch – only caused a rat incident at a quite lovely NYC hotel. This corn beef sandwich caused an international incident. I’m jealous.

Many thanks to my awesome friend Molly for highlighting this t-shirt on Facebook — my other favorite is this t-shirt.

Bring on summer. Wear this.

I am a huge proponent of the health benefits of massage. I grew up in an environment where “spas” and “spa services” were fancy things that were splurges. But my physical reality is – massage is a necessity for my optimal health and physical well being. I also understand that there are things that I can do to supplement my massage therapy.

Finding an eyeshadow that transcends eye color, skin tone, and age is difficult. May I recommend this beautiful, complex, neutral.

At the intersection of Gloria Steinem’s birthday and the demise of Sweet Briar, this is a very interesting read.

Buy this now (in Ivory Mimosa print). Wear with jeans, shorts, skirts, suits, etc. later.

So while me and my knees feel vindicated by the tsk tsk of the seated leg extension machine, I not only use these machines at the gym but I actually like how it feels to use them. But I am going to try the substitutions recommended by the article.


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