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Remember my recommendation to check out Blogilates? Well, apparently SELF magazine agrees with me!

You know how they call it a beauty regimen? Regimen, meaning a prescribed course or way of life. I have no regimen – I do my thing but never stick with one product or combination of products long enough to be able to tell you if anything changed – for better or worse! So, beauty products with instant results sounds like my cup of tea! 

J. Crew factory has the perfect pairs of espadrilles right now! With heel and without heel. If your name is Elizabeth and you are going to Rome for vacation in a few weeks, you should probably check these out!

I love quiche! Especially in the warm weather months. It is the perfect light, refreshing dinner on a spring weeknight – just add a side salad and voila! I am definitely going to try this ham and asparagus recipe!

As the mother of a daughter, it astounds me that she will likely still be paid less than a man in her first job. And depending on the industry she decides to go into, she’ll battle even more ridiculous infringements on her equality. Sadly, the tech industry is willfully ignorant of women’s skill and expertise in both the present and the past!

One of the greatest things about warm weather days is that it is hard to watch an iPad while lounging in the sun. So much easier to read a book! I always expect my literature intake to rise in the spring and summer. This list of books is a bit outside my reading wheelhouse but I am definitely cracking open #2 and #3!!

When I graduated from college I had at least six suits and twelve blazers. I felt like a real big city professional. 🙂 I don’t wear suits as much anymore but when I need to I can pull out the suit with the cut and shape that makes a statement.

This tee shirt reminds me of the late ’80’s early ’90’s clothes I used to wear. I am buying multiples!

The Love of My Life and I have a very definite and detailed idea of what we want our retirement to look like. We just have make it through raising our daughter and getting her through college while living in a high cost of living location. Piece of cake – not. This set of money to-do’s for 40 year-olds by Forbes is a solid mix of the obvious and of the “Oh, good idea!”. Worth perusing!


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