Friday Five

The first weekend of February can have a bit of Poe-like dreariness to it. I don’t necessarily mean weatherwise.

January, while bleak, is a bit of a respite from the holidays.

But February.

February is just January on repeat with still the soggy miasma of March ahead of us.

So! Let’s find some things to bring us joy this weekend!

Go outside and get fresh air they keep saying. Well, depending on where you are in the country, the weather isn’t necessarily the greatest. Even if the weather is nice, how many walks can you take without it feeling like the same old, same old. Well, check out these wheels! Oh, and did I mention the wheels light up?!

We are such a cheesy family. I have my mother’s fondue pot from the 1970’s (and yes it still works!) and fondue night is one of our absolutely favorite weekend treats. And Trader Joe’s stocks ready to melt fondue cheese, wahoo!!

Wayfair – Cuisinart 3qt. Stainless Steel Electric Fondue Pot $69.95

What we once called standard amenities of a hotel room we now view as little luxuries. If I never hear the word staycation again, it will be too soon. However, here is where we are. So stock the fridge with little bottles and Toblerone bars, stream a movie and kick back in this robe. Just like being in a hotel room…Do Not Disturb.

These days watching anything on television that doesn’t have a laugh track, can put me in a funk. I want bright, amusing, inconsequential entertainment because life is a little too complex at the moment. My new favorite escape is “Bling Empire” on Netflix. Admittedly, I am only a few episodes in but I’m happily lost in the gloss, made for tv drama, and of course, the bling!

My husband got me this for Christmas as a stocking stuffer. I don’t like meditation. I’m a fan of hot yoga but, well, yeah, thanks COVID for nixing that option. So this was an awesome way for me to release my internal scream.

One comment

  1. Elizabeth Delo

    Oh, those roller skates are fantastic!! Between skating and lying around watching Bling Empire and eating Toblerone, one could have a weekend that makes you forget we are in a global pandemic!! Great ideas, KDG!!


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