Borrowing a Blog Discussion – Appropriate Attire

I am a little under the weather today and I am having the work week schedule from h-e-double hockey sticks. So I dragged a co-worker through the rain to get my go-to, at work comfort food.

Yep. The vaunted liverwurst sandwhich on toasted rye with tomato slice from Cafe Mozart.


And while savoring this delicacy at my desk before returning to the grind, I checked in on a fashion blog I follow Capitol Hill Style. The blogger posted a unique suit and asked her readers to comment on its work appropriateness – the blogger’s disclaimer being that she, despite her own tastes, rather liked it.

Pencil Skirt & Boyfriend Blazer with Fluro Trim in Twilight Blue and Orange – ASOS both $99.99

Pencil Skirt & Boyfriend Blazer with Fluro Trim in Gray and Lime – ASOS $99 each 

Now I’ll admit that while I respect this blogger and her work, I don’t tend to agree with her all the time.

But I have to say this suit really appeals to me. Call me crazy but I love the blue and orange! And the cut of the skirt.

Several commenters on the other blog said it was too casual but they would wear the blazer to work with jeans on Fridays. I had to chuckle – too casual suit but jeans are okay.

I would indeed wear this to work — not on a big meeting day mind you, but on a Monday perhaps, when I needed to add some punch to my day.




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