Mirror, Mirror

A while ago I read that for most women, leaving the house without make-up is more stressful than a job interview. This floored me. Aside from my always swipe on mascara rule I am not a huge fan of make-up.

Frankly, I just do not think I look good with a formally made up face. Granted, I have never taken any tutorials or visited the cosmetic counter for tips so there is always the fact that I am woefully uneducated in the make-up application department. However, I have had my make-up done professionally and even then I disliked the way I looked.

So I have decided to embrace my “natural” preferences. But that pesky little thing called aging is requiring a few make-up tools in my “natural” beauty regime. Here are my three every day make-up tools that have joined my daily mascara swipe.

Benefit How to Look the Best at Everything – Sephora $30

I stumbled upon this face kit and have never look back – I buy it in bulk. I get dizzy reading about all the different layers of potions and serums and coverage, oh my! So imagine my glee when I found this nifty little package with a ready made line up of layers and explicit yet simple instructions on achieving an even, glowing visage. Done and done!

 Urban Decay Naked2: Naked 2 Eye Palette – Sephora $50

Apparently I came late to Urban Decay’s Naked Eye Palette party but just in time for their debut of the Naked2. I look at these eye shadow colors and instantly I am emerging from some Park Avenue building swathed in luxe fox fur reveling in the crisp cold air and the hum of New York City. I am addicted to this palette and try different shade combinations every day and every day I love the way they make my eyes  glow!  

Mineral Eye Trio in Cocoa Nudes – Senna $24

I use this for my eyebrows! I received this little compact in one of my monthly Glossyboxes. Technically the colors fit what I like but I instantly disliked how the shadow looked on my eyelids – too opaque for my taste. In a moment of what I’ll tout as sheer brilliance on my part, I dipped my eyebrow brush in the Taupe section of the trio and voila! I had the perfect eyebrow filler!


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