Something So Simple Yet So Useful

I may be a fashionista of sorts but for years I was completely flummoxed by “blow outs”. They were something gotten by NYC girls with super long hair or women with enviable curls who wanted on the straight hair train.

Because I am the keeper of oodles of completely useless nuggets of info I was aware of Drybar, the blowout mecca for the masses. But like In-n-Out burger Drybar was far, far away. Until now!!

(A moment of silence for the fact that the East Coast is still In-n-Out deprived.)

Drybar will open tomorrow, October 19, in Washington, DC and Maryland! There are two locations – one in Georgetown and one in Bethesda.

In September I answered the call to be a blow out model for the new Drybar stylist interviews. It was the perfect way to see what all the blowout fuss was about without having to pay a dime.

And I will forever cherish the moment that I walked into the room where the stylist interviews were being held and someone yelled, “The model is here!”. Oh yeah. Who cares what my hair ended up looking like, let’s just re-live that moment again and again and…

But I digress.

So was the blowout worth the hype? Yes and no.

I have very fine hair so I gather that the blowout can only do so much regarding volume. As in, not a whole lot so that was disappointing. However, my coif looked sleeker and more put together than when I dry and style it and that difference was definitely noticeable and very awesome. I felt chic and put-together.

I would go for a blowout for a gala or a holiday party or even for fun for a date night or even a job interview.

The greatest thing about Drybar is it won’t break the bank. At $35 for a basic blowout, this is an affordable luxury. So go ahead and indulge!

Visit Drybar online at and there is also an app for that – so check your App Store!

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