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Fashion weeks around the globe have dominated social media. Lots and lots of pictures of the front of house glitz. Ever wonder how those beaded beauties came to be made? Inquire at your own risk. One fashion design team however, reve en vert, is bringing you covetable fashion that is building environmental sustainability. Kudos!

This dress by Anthropologie is everything. And Mary Orton just hit it out of the ballpark styling it on her blog, The Classy Cubicle.

If you have not read it or listened to it, stop what you are doing right now and listen to Emma Watson’s speech on gender equality at the U.N.

October is my very favorite month. The heralding of fall. The crisp crackle of leaves. Sweaters. And hot cider in these copper mugs from Waiting on Martha.

What I love most about Banned Books Week is that I pretty much own most of the banned books. I’ve read them. I loved them or learned from them. And I plan for my daughter to read them. What I dislike most about Banned Books Week is that it exists at all. If you want to weep for the ignorance of our society take a look at the top 10 lists of books attempted to be banned from libraries and schools from 2001 to 2013.

This is a fun history of pants! I always loved the fact that Katharine Hepburn was her sexiest wearing trousers. I was never allowed to wear Jordache jeans…but I’m not bitter or anything. And yoga pants are not pants – we need a new word for them but all I can come up with is “yoga you don’t actually look so great in them in pilates class to begin with so why would you wear them while shopping or going to a restaurant exercise clothing”…but that seems too long to put on a sales tag.

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