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I went back and forth on how I feel about this article. As well as whether to add it to my Live Style Links post. But I want the LSL posts to be thought provoking as well as entertaining. This article irritated me in a 1,000 different ways. “Unique taste — and the capacity to avoid the basic — is a privilege.” But this sentence may have irritated me the most. Let’s just boil it down to brass tacks – In fashion, style, and life, unique taste has the capacity to appreciate the basic. And privilege has nothing to do with it.

Many, many thanks to my buddy Katie Krumpter for sharing this gem, 33 Thoughts on Reading. #8 took me a long time to embrace. #11 is the main difference between how I read a book and how my Big Sis reads a book. #14 is so true – I think I’ve read Anna Karenina six times. I am in denial about #16 – total denial. #20 – Penny Vincenzi – every book. #24 should say rooms instead of a stack – “a stack”…how cute. #27 is probably my favorite because it is the epitome of an adventure.

I am pretty sure that in my previous life I was either a rhinocerous or lived during the art deco period. Nordstrom has some stunning art deco accessories for the season’s best and brightest events. I must have this tassel  necklace in silver and then fox trot the night away! This clutch is subtle but sizzles.  And while not immediately recognizable for this era, this Michael Kors bangle is bang on!

Clearly, I have reading on the brain! Chilly weather just begs you to curl up with a good book. And I plan on reading every one of these! (See #16 above)

This is for Big Sis who just snagged an enviable pad in the heart of the city and is suddenly realizing she may need to up her running errands style game. Sometimes all you need is to tweak one thing in your go to outfit.

And this is just because I love historical tidbits like this. And well, it is Paris!


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  1. Molly

    I tried to read the basic article and, perhaps because I’m so basic, I just didn’t get it. I don’t get the word, the use of the word, or the point, so I followed reading rule #8 and abandoned ship to allow myself and extra three minutes with my current in process novel. : )

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