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No more relying on this myth! Turkey has no greater amount of tryptophan than chicken so if you are tired after Thanksgiving dinner you were either the one who cooked the whole thing or you ate too much.

Remember if you are going to someone’s house for Thanksgiving a small token for the hosts is always appreciated.

And if you are hosting Thanksgiving, here’s a fab set of resources to meet every one of your guests’ dietary needs. Good luck with that.

I’m not sure the country who scored 117th out of 193 countries in global geograpy knowledge should be calling other countries out on THEIR knowledge of the US’s geography – but this is pretty funny. My favorite is the person who thought South Carolina was South Dakota.

We all have our holiday weekend what to wear traditions. There are those of us that snuggle in and those of you that head on out.

So many things to think about this week. Good and bad and down right tragic. This interview with one of the last immigrants to come through Ellis Island is fascinating. Her story and the historical time period also has made me ever more mindful that we as a country are simultaneously evolving and staying the same and thus not moving forward – something has to change.

I am loving these winter boots. Cozy. Comfy. Unique. and I love saying “muk luk”. Muk luk. Muk luk. Muk luk. The word has lost all meaning!

* image courtesy of Pinterest

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