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LSL 1.22.15

The truth of this hits you right in the gut. I sobbed.

I love that the British tennis player said this. Especially when female athletes are still being treated like this.

I don’t know which I like better – the shirt or the skirt. Well done, Cynthia Rowley.

I am a little obsessed with organizing. But in the practical sense. It always fascinates me when I run across other people’s organizing ideas – I mean, half of them, I’m like, who are you that your life gives you that much time to live like this?? #3 is about my speed. #9 may be the most expensive make up organization scheme I’ve seen yet. (Check out the price of Diptyque candles and do the math.)

I am always searching for tools to maximize my productivity and effectiveness at work. Many times, when I do find them, the tips are either not applicable to my professional setting or they are not sustainable. However, these really resonated with me – especially #s 3, 7 and 10.

One of my favorite things about the neighborhood I live in (Go Brookland, Washington, DC!!) is that you can pull out a couple of cheeses and light the fire pit and you get to hang with your neighbor friends anytime. A cheese plate is so easy – but if you need some guidance check this out and don’t forget the Humbolt Fog!!!!

In social media – Twitter, Instagram, Facebook – everyone else’s weekend is a slap in the face to whatever you are doing. You may have planned the best weekend ever but someone else got front row tix to Hozier and had “Take Me to Church” dedicated to them. If it makes you  feel better my birthday this weekend consists of a 9am Saturday drama class for La C nowhere near our house.

Oh yeah, buy this.

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