My beautiful mother-in-law sent me a link to check out a new flower delivery company. I trust her taste so I clicked and voila!

I was smitten!

Meet my new go to flower delivery service – The Bouqs Company.

I ordered a regular delivery for every 2 weeks.

I decided on The Farmer’s Market subscription because I like simple and I like variety.

I decided on the original size bouquet at $40 a delivery.

So I will say, unlike most “regular” size bouquets, what arrived on my doorstep as my first delivery is decidedly luscious.

Check this out – and yes, I like leaves so I don’t de-leaf my stems.

boxed  This box arrived on the porch.


Open the box to find a well packaged set of stems. 


Packaging did a great job preserving the petals.


All the glory!


Look at these beauties!


Funny how flowers can make every day better!


One comment

  1. You are so gracious. Thanks for the little ego boost. …. I seem to find myself questioning my choices and desicions constantly these days. …(could be the lack of alcohol )….but this blog made me feel really good ♡Having a very relaxing time here. V & B are staying in a nice little 2 bedroom apartment just a few blocks from the house. OMG it will be so nice, hopefully they will be able to move into the basement 10/1 and finish the upstairs in the month following,  but could be mid-Oct so Thanksgiving may be in the apartment.:-) But you both need to know that they have an open door and a place for our visits. They probably won’t start renting the bottom apartment out till late spring or summer.Anyways m’dear thanks again for the cudos and enjoy the coming of Fall.Of course all my love to Cooper and your handsome husband.  Love you, Gail 

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