Creature Comforts

Without going in to great detail, because hey, we’ve all got our thing right now, creature comforts are in short supply around my house right now. We were in the middle of a cross-country move entailing a major home over haul when COVID-19 shut the world down. Currently, we are blessed with a card table, four folding chairs, three deck chairs and two mattresses in our 3,000 square foot home. The entirety of our familial belongings are in storage in our destination city. Reunion TBD.

Suffice it to say I’m holding on for dear life to the following things that bring me comfort.



Fresh – Rose Face Mask $62 – Sephora

I am a shameless “gift with purchase” fan. And from that spawned my love for Sephora and Ulta’s points for free sample system. Yes, the Fresh brand has been on the radar for quite a while but it was through one of these samples of joy that I, personally, became acquainted with the brand. Specifically, the Rose Face Mask. The smell alone — you guys, when this global sh*t overwhelms me you will find me relaxing in my bathtub wafting this little jar of heavenly rose scent under my nose. Or, and let’s be serious, this is where the true comfort reigns, I slather this cool gelee on my face after a long day of stressing out about the future. Ten minutes and a refreshing face wash later, I feel like I’m January 2020 me.




Camelbak – Eddy+ BPA Free Water Bottle $10.40 – Amazon

I’m not eating right. Lord knows I’ve abandoned my fasting schedule and found my way back to three solid meals a day. And exercise? Well…yeah. There’s that. So anyhoo…the one thing I have been very on top of is my water intake. It needs to be easy so I move heaven and earth to find the right water bottle. I am obsessed with the Camelbak plastic straw water bottle. Glug. Glug.



 Hulu – Revenge

I have three television series that I would watch on a loop anytime, anywhere. 1) Friday Night Lights 2) Revenge 3) The West Wing. Right now, Revenge is making my days fly by. Hulu is your dealer…



Peloton – Monthly App $12.99

The stay at home order has brought a revolution of newly formed runners to my neighborhood, I swear I’ve never seen these fleet footed souls outside my window before. 🙂 I, myself, am missing my treadmill and stationary bike currently in storage at my eventual destination. But in the meantime, thank goodness for my Peloton app. For $13 a month I get to work out at home with fun, invigorating, top notch classes. Whenever. I. Want. Hello insomnia – I’ve got you handled.


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