An Ode to Will Shortz

A little known fact about me is my fondness for NPR’s Sunday Puzzle. I get so excited when I know (er, think I know) the answers, that I shout them out, startling my daughter and the dog, and miss hearing the actual answer, then I frantically ask my husband “what did they say? what did they say??”. You can guess how much fun it is for the whole family. 🙂

While we are currently living in the most puzzling of times, turning to puzzles is a very good distraction.



The New York Times crossword is the matriarch of crossword puzzles. I have never been able to tackle the big one successfully but lucky for me (and you!) the online and app versions offer a cornucopia of puzzles at a variety of skill levels. You can subscribe and play online OR get the app.



Barnes & Noble – One Dot at a Time Puzzle $26.99

Stay at home. Stay sane. Tall order. But nothing a 1500+ piece puzzle can’t help with. Order online, settle in with your beverage of choice, and focus. Very soon that elusive three-pronged piece will be a bit more perplexing than current world affairs!



Podcast – Hey Riddle Riddle

Too preoccupied to settle down with a puzzle? Take a walk out and about in the fresh air and listen to this great podcast chock full of riddles and brain teasers. The weekly podcast, Hey Riddle Riddle, will keep you on your toes.



Amazon Prime – Wordplay – Rent $3.99

And if you just cannot wait until Sunday for your Will Shortz fix, check out this great documentary, Wordplay, featuring an in-depth look at Will, his puzzle compatriots and the crossword puzzle tournament world.





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