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It’s Friday.

Friday, April 17.

The year 2020.

Whatever you are doing right at this moment, is what you should be doing. Just keep that in mind. There is an incessant tug of war in the media and social media that you should be doing all the things during this downtime or no, take a breath as it is okay to not do anything. Listen people, this is not a vacation, it’s not a “gift” of time. It’s survival. And to that end, I find this to be the best article I’ve read on the subject of where we are right now.  

Spring means espadrilles! I mean right now I’m living in sneakers or my bare feet because…well. But yesterday I stumbled upon these beauties and thought, you know, I could make my weekly grocery run a bit more fun! Apparently, Poor Little It Girl was feeling the espadrille aesthetic too – check out her under $100 picks.

Speaking of the grocery store – I don’t know about you but the evening meal has become the focal point of our day. Pretty much the light at the end of the tunnel of another long day of endless hours. We’ve been cooking more meals than we usually do and trying to balance interesting recipes with what’s available. To that end, this is a great piece on easy, useful kitchen hacks. 

As I’ve mentioned, I’m living in mid-move limbo. You know what I miss? My jewelry. My fun, faux jewelry that expresses my feelings for that day. I cannot wait to be reunited with my baubles but in the meantime I might need to acquire these little giggles!

I leave you with more food content. The weather this weekend is expected to be rainy and unpleasant so I am definitely making this yum yum this weekend. And apparently it is the real deal!




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